Monthly Archives: April 2019

It is widely believed that investing in cryptocurrencies involves high risks due to the volatility of cryptoactive assets and the fact that crypto markets periodically experience periods of stagnation or recession, in financial circles. Due to such conditions, investors who bought cryptocurrencies with the expectation of their further growth, really suffer losses. However, the Buy […]

The number of cryptocurrency is growing, cryptocurrency exchanges are very popular, and their owners earn thousands of dollars per day. Against this background, entrepreneurs are thinking about opening their own stock exchange. How to open a cryptocurrency exchange and how difficult is it? How appropriate is it now and what should you know? We will […]

Hardware wallets are leading among the crypto-storage by the combination of security and convenience, which provoked a marked increase in interest of them. Manufacturers quickly responded, and new devices appeared on the market. It created the problem of choice for users. What is a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency? What is important to know and how […]