Monthly Archives: May 2019

Recently, the topic of cryptocurrency is gaining increasing popularity. It is actively discussed in the media and some experts even predict that will be a time when crypto-money will completely replace the usual ones. It’s still too early to judge whether it’s so or not, but now it’s more important than ever to learn how […]

Due to the open source code, the Bitcoin system became the basis for creating a multitude of forks (offshoots from the main block chain). Simply put, almost anyone who wants, using Bitcoin source code, can create their own cryptocurrency. However, this is not the easiest thing, so there are not many really successful forks on […]

Due to the abundance of offers in the cryptocurrency market, many promising coins escape the attention of investors. That is exactly what happened to Zilliqa. If a week ago, the rate of cryptocurrency did not suddenly jump up, just a few investors would have learned about the project, which theoretically could solve the main problems […]

Today, there are about a dozen different strategies for building a profitable cryptocurrency business. One of them is earnings on the trading of cryptocurrencies. A lot of misconceptions are associated with this strategy, which I want to tell you about. The general approach to trading in the field of cryptocurrency looks quite understandable and does […]

Successful trading on the crypto-market with the help of technical analysis rarely goes without technical indicators. They are built into most large cryptobirds and often confuse the novice. However, to understand them is easy enough to understand what indicator reflects and what is needed for. Having understood the purpose of at least the key ones, […]

Recently, I hear the question of whether the site is relevant to our community Cryptonet. Well, it’s time to finally clarify this issue. – the site of the Kryptonet community of professional crypto-entrepreneurs. You are on it right now and this is I, Dmitry Karpilovsky, who is its ideological inspirer. As you can […]

ICO Club is a relatively recent invention of cryptoindustry. So far there are few of them, but it is possible that in the near future there will be more. ICO clubs promise participants super profits that are possible in the crypto industry, and this forces many potential investors to consider them seriously and with interest. […]