Cryptocurrency Bank

Spending and Exchange fees

Pay anytime everywhere.


Gateway to decentralized banking. The Mobile and Desktop App will allow you to hold and secure many different types of cryptocurrency. More importantly, it will allow you to spend it. Accessible 24/7 worldwide on your laptop, desktop, and mobile devices alike.


Crestonium is tailored for everyday use and provides a robust and secure environment for your Cryptocurrency. The user owns the private key and has access to advanced security features.


No more merchant fees and credit card fees. Pay only the real cost and get the most out of your Cryptocurrency with the lowest exchange rates. If you continue making transactions while holding CXS, you will receive cashback - up to 70% higher. Rewards Program will also allow you to earn extra CXS.




We offer our users a unique proposition: If the value of CXS token doesn’t increase in value by 150% within 6 months, we will return your original deposit. We offer this guarantee because we believe in our product and want to deliver only the absolute best. This way you, as an investor, have nothing to lose!

There is a referral system in place where you can earn extra 5% CXS from any purchase of your referrals. They will also get an extra 5% so it’s a win-win situation.

Crestonium offers the seamless experience of sending and receiving currency globally at zero cost. We aim to provide unlimited usage to mainstream users as cryptocurrency becomes a phenomenon accepted by all. Crestonium was built, not only for storage, but for actual spending – which remains one of the significant challenges of modern cryptocurrency.

Crestonium prides itself as being one of the few cryptocurrencies out there with zero fees and transaction speed within a fraction of a second.

Formed within the blockchain, and subject to automatic execution upon the occurrence of pre-defined criteria/events and subject to certain conditions, CXS tokens are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective holders. Crestonium Platform uses a standard OpenAPI so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, and any other contract or exchange also using this standard.

Crestonium’s development team is always active and perpetually in close contact with the community.

To stimulate growth and further the cause of Crestonium, we have designed a sales period pattern for our pre-ICO stage, of which you can become an early participant today. We offer extensive bonuses for our pre-sale period.

For more information about Crestonium and its range of services, benefits, roadmap and more, you can download the whitepaper.

Short Supply and High Demand

There is only a limited amount of CXS and all tokens will be distributed during the ICO. A certain amount of CXS will also be burned with every transaction so the demand will always increase. Any unallocated CXS will also be burned after the ICO ends.

Lending and Credit Options

In the Cryptocurrency world there are no safe options for lending or credit, and Crestonium aims to provide a swift and cost-effective solution. We offer lending and credit options to our users. You can earn interest by lending and borrow with relative ease.

Rewards Program and Loyalty

Get rewarded for shopping with CXS! The cashback is higher – up to 70%. A generous Rewards Program will also allow you to earn extra CXS, which can be used in our everyday lives – banks, shopping, insurance, universities, and so much more.

We understand the true value of building and developing an initiative and have made our reward program and loyalty a core part of the Crestonium dream.

Token Holder Protection

We offer our users a unique proposition: If the value of CXS token doesn’t increase in value by 150% within 6 months, we will return your original deposit. We offer this guarantee because we believe in our product and want to deliver only the absolute best.

This way you, as an investor, have nothing to lose!

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Global transactions.

Crestonium brings blockchain technology into our everyday lives. The team behind Crestonium have been building real-world applications.

Crestonium is fully compatible with traditional blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as with all other third-party blockchain networks connected to the real world. Crestonium blends the crypto-world and the real world to open and inspire new business possibilities and connectivity.

We aim to connect businesses and eliminate the need for having many different accounts and payment requirements. This will enable you to make payments with ease without having to rely on traditional, slow, and expensive methods of payment.


Real-time Exchange Rates

Crestonium App can transfer, settle, and exchange currencies in real-time through Decentralized Exchange. Contrary to other applications and exchanges, the fees are 0%. Pay only the real cost and get the most out of your Cryptocurrency with the lowest exchange rates.

The Team

Our international team is comprised of experts from across the world, providing us with the edge over similar companies. Such specialists are necessary in order to deliver a truly outstanding and technologically advanced product.

Chris Peters - CEO & Co-Founder

"Lots of people have great ideas, but what matters is the execution of them."

Chris specializes in Start-ups, Blockchain, Crypto-currency, Software Development, Banking and the Financing Sector.

He is an innovator, with an energy for propelling new technologies into new markets, domestic and worldwide, building organizations with awesome groups, and strong innovation. He has expansive worldwide involvement with product creation and the formation of companies.

If an occasion ever happens that he has time, he will go cycling in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland to freshen his mind.

Jan Stejskal - CTO & Co-Founder

Jan is a Blockchain entrepreneur, investor, and product visionary for digital media-related products and services.

He has a deep passion for blockchain technology, and extensive knowledge of its application to solve real-world problems.

Extensive expertise in Finance, Management, Business Strategy and Leadership provide him with the perfect background to be working on Crestonium.

Jan has demonstrated leadership capabilities and is multi-lingual with excellent oral and written communication skills.

His interests include snowboarding and hiking.

Gloria McClory - COO & Co-Founder

Currently Chief Operations Officer at Crestonium.

Professional experience includes corporate M&A, strategy and business development, as well as transaction advisory including supervising, planning and project management.

Her prior experiences include risk management advisory and the implementation of internal control systems.

Gloria is a Certified Accountant Specialist and is of Italian-American heritage.

When she is not eating pizza, she likes to go dancing, her favorites being Tango and Flamenco.

Ying Ching Shen - CPO & Co-Founder

Ying Ching Sheng from Taiwan is the CPO & Co-Founder at Crestonium.

He exhibited start-up experience, managing all aspects of finance, client relationship, business development and also regulation, legal and operations.

An executive with solid experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Strategic Planning, he is an Internet specialist and our specialist on Asian markets.

His extensive experience includes transformation of businesses IT turn-around, and governance in a national and international context.

He loves cooking so when his job at Crestonium is done he can become a renowned chef!

Sophia Koh - Head of Customer Service

Sophia is a highly versatile business leader with years of multi-national experience.

Her multi-cultural background and experience furnishes her with a master knowledge of US, Swiss, and German marketplaces.

She has a proven track record of strategy development and implementation in various business areas while increasing customer focus and satisfaction.

Sophia is independent and embraces new challenges in a climate of transformation and change.

She always strives to make customers and customer satisfaction her number one priority.

Jean Gomez - UI Expert & Designer

Jean is a developer and designer exalted as a proactive, creative and curious solution-maker.

She has been a consultant for many significant companies (CK Graphic, Business & Graphic Design, Abu Dhabi Center, …) and administrations in many different countries.

Jean takes pride in participating in extremely challenging and innovative projects.

Her areas of expertise include Front-End UI/UX, PHP/MySQL, iOS/Android and SEO.

Photography is her passion.

Neil Lowery - Blockchain Engineer

Neil’s specialty is Automation, Cloud Technologies and Virtualization.

He is proficient in Linux, Python, FreeBSD, Objective-C, Apple iOS, Asterisk, Postfix, Perl, Mercurial and Git.

He also focuses on Product Lifecycles, Infrastructure Software Regression Testing, Software Deployment Automation and Technical Instruction.

He is American and likes to play Paintball in his free time! Hopefully he is good enough to survive the matches until his work on Crestonium is finished.

Li Yong - Senior Financial Manager

Li Yong has primary experience in banking and finance.

He possesses strong management and leadership skills, cross-cultural general management, and regulatory and Compliance know-how.

Li is a strategic thinker with strong presentation and negotiation skills.

In his free time, he likes to hang out with his colleagues and get to know them better. Originally from China, Li has been working for companies across the globe.

Mikoto Sato - Lead Product Designer

Mikoto is our Japanese Lead Product Designer, and she excels at technology, mobile apps, and the latest trends in general.

A team player, Mikoto has a keen eye for UI details, simple but elegant design, and Usability. She started designing about 18 years ago.

Her specialty is UI / UX design, product design, visual, and interaction design as well as animation.

She loves sport and runs every day, but also plays table tennis, badminton, tennis and squash. So practically any sport with something to smash!

Paul Noack - Senior Software Developer

Swiss Senior C++ and Java Developer with deep knowledge in JVM, UNIX Systems and Oracle RDBMS.

Broad Experience with Software development on IBM’s iSeries and Intel-based platform (Windows) using RPG, CL, PowerBuilder, Oracle PL/SQL, PHP, Java and C#.Net. Automation in Ruby, Python, and UNIX shell.

Proficient in various Programming languages e.g. Java, C++, C, Cobol, Shell scripts or Python. He is multi-lingual speaking English, German and Spanish. He likes to switch between languages mid-conversation to confuse people.

Helena Vogt - UX Expert

Helena is an UX Expert and focuses on creating user-friendly digital solutions and front-end systems driven by the user’s needs.

She is excellent at finding creative research and development in the area of blockchain, and also experienced in graphic design and project management.

Helena possesses extensive interdisciplinary skills and has background in cognitive science and psychology, statistical learning, and data analytics.

Helena is originally from Germany and, when she is done analyzing our brains, she likes to read books and articles.

Rebecca Kraus - Human Resources

Rebecca is at Crestonium for our everyday needs, and her expertise goes way beyond HR operations functions.

Her expertise includes resource management, MIS & Reporting, conceptualizing, and executing the development of new modules.

She has extensive global work experience (HR Operations with responsibility and Global HR Strategy).

For fun she loves to swim and chill out at the beach.

Token Allocation

Use of Proceeds


Crestonium is a digital cryptobank using a third generation cryptocurrency with an advanced technology and security.

The biggest difference of Crestonium is the elimination of fees. That’s right, our fees are 0% guaranteed. Furthermore, we provide you with low exchange rates and instantaneous transactions.

We also offer a unique Token Holder Protection Guarantee Program in which we offer our users to ask for a refund if the CXS token doesn’t appreciate in value by 150% within 6 months of ICO sale end.

You can join the Crestonium ICO in the Participate page.


No. Even though we offer 0% fees, we still want to give our community the majority of the Tokens. Hence, our Token Distribution favors the Token Holders themselves rather than the team. The overall % of tokens that go to the team and advisers is the smallest amongst all ICOs.

Crestonium offers the following among others:

  • Fully developed Mobile and Desktop App
  • Store and spend crypto-currency
  • Support of many different crypto-currencies
  • Localization to many different languages
  • Secured loans and interest earning
  • Loyalty Program and Token Holder Protection
  • 0% fees and instantaneous transactions
  • Highly secure and allows you to control your own private keys
  • Advanced Features for the Mobile and Desktop App

We have strategy partners and most of our profit comes from merchant deals, not from our community. Most companies charge fees just to increase their profit, not to make enough money to function. At Crestonium, however, our community is our number one priority.

Yes, we have very extensive bonuses for our community. 

Pre-Sale: 25-45% Extra Tokens

1st Sale Period: 15% Extra Tokens

2nd Sale Period: 10% Extra Tokens

3rd Sale Period: 5% Extra Tokens

The Pre-sale period will however only last for two weeks.

Currently, you can store your CXS in any ERC20 compliant wallet. For example MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or MIST.

You can use Crestonium from any country, anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. There will also be an extensive localization (10+ languages) for both Mobile and Desktop App.

The current minimum amount of CXS during the ICO sale is 100 CXS which is approximately 26$ or exactly 0.00002 BTC.
We will send your CXS directly to your specified ETH ERC20 compliant wallet after receiving your transaction. Generally the tokens should appear in your wallet within 48 hours. You also have the option to withdraw the CXS tokens later.
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Currently we accept payments of BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC, XRP, BCH, DASH, ETC, XMR and support of more crypto-currencies is coming.
You don’t need a wallet. Transactions from exchanges are accepted.
Our soft cap is $2 000 000 and hard cap is $55 000 000.
The start date is 07. February 2018 and the end date is 07. April 2018.
All of the unsold tokens will be burned.
As mentioned in the Token Allocation graph, the team and Advisors will get only 5% of the sold tokens while 73% will go to the Contributors. 10% in reserve, 8% as a foundation and 4% to strategy partners and bounty.
The Bounty will be added very soon.

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