– Karpilovsky’s project: is it truth or myth? – Karpilovsky’s project: is it truth or myth?

Recently, I hear the question of whether the site is relevant to our community Cryptonet. Well, it’s time to finally clarify this issue. – the site of the Kryptonet community of professional crypto-entrepreneurs. You are on it right now and this is I, Dmitry Karpilovsky, who is its ideological inspirer.

As you can see, here we publish useful articles, conduct training events and share the subtleties of correct work with cryptocurrencies, without calling for joining any systems of fast and guaranteed earnings on a popular topic. is a completely different site, unrelated to us and the organization is unknown to me, which after us registered a domain and created a site with the same name (data on dates of domain registration is easily checked through any Whois service).

It is noteworthy that this site is entirely devoted to just quick and at the same time completely passive earnings. Like, it is enough just to charge your account in the system, so that later you can just watch how unnamed cryptocurrency exchanges and mining farms generate income for you on the machine.

During all the time of my active work in the field of cryptocurrency, I have never tried to attract people into openly hype projects that make loud promises, but do not explain specific mechanisms of their implementation. I collected my first mining farm back in 2010, so naturally, I encountered many similar projects and also had enough specific offers. Probably, I could earn very good money on referral programs, but globally this is the way to nowhere.

The more dubious projects appear in the subject of cryptocurrency under the auspices of fast passive earnings, the less trust will be experienced by professional investors, experts, opinion leaders, bureaucrats and just everyone who is interested in the tool – in short, all those who largely depend on how deeply cryptocurrencies can eventually penetrate our lives.

The Kryptonet community was created just so that as many people as possible could also believe in cryptocurrency, evaluate their potential and select for themselves those strategies that would provide a fairly good return on investment.

Please note that I am talking about work and investment, and not about passive observation of the growth of numbers on a personal account in some kind of innovative system that gives a guaranteed income for everyone. This does not happen in the cryptocurrency market.

You really need to work to make money on the cryptocurrency market. There are certainly proven strategies for making money on cryptocurrencies – I am talking about them in detail at our training events, relying on my personal experience and the experience of other professionals in this field. However, no one will implement these strategies for you and even more, no one will provide you with guaranteed passive income on any amount invested by you.

So, is the only official site of the Kryptonet community. Today we have official representative offices on Facebook, VK, Youtube and Telegram, in which we regularly publish the latest news, articles, videos, announcements of events and other useful information.

All other projects that are consonant with us in name (in particular, the site have absolutely nothing to do with the Kryptonet community, or personally with me, Dmitry Karpilovsky.


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